Full Arch Immediate Load With Dental Implants

A Hands-On Surgical Experience

Course Overview

Dates available for 2022.

Don’t miss this exceptional training in full arch rehabilitation with immediate load in beautiful Curitiba Brazil.

Who is this course designed for?

This course is designed for clinicians who have experience with placing dental implants and are looking for experience with the full-arch treatment option.

Each participant will be assigned to one patient for during the course and will be responsible for the full treatment of that patient (surgical and restorative).

This program focuses on implant placement, immediate load, and restorative considerations to deliver the prosthesis by the conclusion of the course. Digital flow and analogic.


Full Ach rehabilitation with dental implants is a highly predictable treatment. The implant loading time has been well studied and the techniques of two surgical stages, one surgical phase and one immediate and, or esthetic loading have shown high success rates. A combination of the implant design, bone quality & quantity, and the sequence drills are the three most important factors to increase the possibility to achieve ideal primary stability of the implant.

Participants of this program will work in pairs, but each participant will be assigned to one patient. The participant will do the planning of the case from start to finish, perform the surgery, and deliver the final prosthesis on the last day of the program. The participant will be asked to share their treatment plan with the other participants and will be asked to assist in their partner’s surgery.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Implant Design: tapered vs. cylindrical
  2. Ideal final drill based on bone density
  3. Implant placement thinking 3-dimensionally
  4. Prosthetic pre-plan
  5. Guided surgery and virtual plan (Digital Flow)
  6. Surgeon/Pros/Lab synergy
  7. Use of a multi-functional guide (to guide your surgery, to define the vertical dimension, occlusion and the impression)

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